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  1. Experience. We have 5 full time opticians with past lab experience of over 150 years combined.
  2. Huge selection of frame styles. Our dispensary has 2,000 frames on display, more than three times that of the average office. Our Eyewear Fashion Consultants will help you find the perfect style, size, and color in your price range. We carry several exclusive frame lines, such as...
  3. All plastic lenses have a scratch resistant and an ultraviolet coating at no extra charge. The anti-scratch coat makes plastic lenses very tough - they are guaranteed for 1 year not to scratch, or the lenses are replaced free (only 1 replacement per year-$15.00 shipping fee). The UV coat blocks ultraviolet sun rays and protects your eyes.
  4. 10-day exchange privilege. After getting your new glasses, if you decide you don't like the frame, you can exchange it for any other frame. If new lenses are required, a small lab regrinding fee will be charged. This regrinding fee varies with the type of lens used; check with the optician.
  5. We stand behind our prescription. Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs and recheck your vision if you have adaptation difficulties (at no charge). We'll make any lens change needed at no charge and you won't be caught in the middle. We want you to love your glasses!
  6. Free lifetime adjustments and repairs. Our expert opticians will professionally adjust and fit your glasses as often as needed for as long as you have them, at no charge. We replace screws and nose pads at no charge for our patients also.
  7. A digital dispensing system in our office. This instrument takes extremely accurate measurements to provide a precise fit for your glasses. It also lets you playback a video so you can see what you look like in your new frames and it demonstrates optional lens features.

The NEOVision Mission

Our board certified ophthalmologists,
optometrists, and support staff
are dedicated to protect,
preserve and enhance the
eyesight of our patients.
We use the latest equipment
and we continue to strive to