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Our experienced surgeon, Jeffrey Starkey M.D., has performed thousands of cataract surgeries. Our cataract surgery is not done in a hospital, but a modern outpatient surgery center dedicated to eye surgery. You will go home the same day seeing better after having surgery and implant all with local anesthetic and no stitches needed!

When the eye's natural lens clouds, a cataract operation can remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial Intra Ocular Lens (IOL). The IOL allows the eye to focus. Modern medicine has given us several choices to allow patients a fuller range of vision and possible independence from glasses & contact lenses.

  1. MONOFOCAL IOL's are single focus implants that will provide either near or distance vision.
  2. MULTIFOCAL IOL's are alternative lenses that use apodized diffractive technology (similar to technology used in telescopes and microscopes) that will provide for near, intermediate and distance vision.
  3. TORIC IOL's have a certain degree of power that is placed in the lens at a precise location to compensate for astigmatism. The unique design of the Toric IOL makes it possible to significantly improve uncorrected distance vision in patients with astigmatism, but does not eliminate the need for reading spectacles.
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Dr.Starkey also performs "bladeless cataract surgery". The Catalys Laser Technology uses a customizable 3-D surgical platform. This allows Dr.Starkey to visualize, create, and perform a tailored treatment plan that is uniquely customized for your eye. Click on "Cataract Technology" to learn more about the accuracy of this laser.


  • Medicare and most insurances cover the Fixed Focus IOL after cataract removal. However, the Multifocal (for presbyopia) & Toric (for astigmatism) implants are not covered and must be paid by you personally.
  • Patients who select an IOL upgrade will receive the standard insurance reimbursement for cataracts surgery, and now can pay privately for the presbyopic or astigmatic portion of the treatment.
  • We will bill your insurance company for the covered portion of your procedure and you for the non-covered service (IOL upgrade)
  • Please know that it is our goal to make the implant upgrade affordable for all of our patients through our low monthly finance plan (Care Credit), so that you can achieve your personal best vision possible.

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