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Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance. Not only do we test your vision to ensure it is clear, we also test the health of your eyes. Our doctors use state-of-the-art technology. We have aberrometers to measure for the glasses prescription without the which is better one or two questions, i-care pressure testing with no air puff, and 3D eye mapping for eye shape measurements for contact lenses.

Your eyes can often times indicate other problems or concerns in your general health. Many times diabetes, hypertension, or vascular disease can be first noticed during an eye exam.

During your evaluations we correct your vision to its highest level of clarity. Then our doctors do a detailed exam of the eye interior and exterior for cataracts and glaucoma and any other eye disease. Special measurements of the cornea are taken for contact lens wearers to ensure a healthy fit. Most patients are dilated for the retina exam and the new dilating drops used are well received and cause little blur.

Many eye care providers are only interested in doing high volume eyeglass exams only. We hear many times a week from patients that they have never had their eyes examined like this before. We want to make sure your eyes and vision are both healthy. OUR MISSION-YOUR VISION.

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The NEOVision Mission

Our board certified ophthalmologists,
optometrists, and support staff
are dedicated to protect,
preserve and enhance the
eyesight of our patients.
We use the latest equipment
and we continue to strive to