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Dr. Jeffrey Starkey is our highly trained LASER VISION CORRECTION (LVC) surgeon. We at NEO VisionGroup believe that you should meet and become comfortable with your eye surgeon before the day of your procedure. It is our philosophy that meeting Dr. Starkey and his team, trusting and becoming comfortable with them, is a very important step. None of our doctors would trust their eyes to someone they had not met.

The most common form of LVC is the LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In Sito Kertomileusis) procedure. Dr.Starkey uses the newest state of the art technology, WAVELIGHT,which is an all laser treatment for creating the flap and reshaping the cornea.Unbelievably, the procedure on both eyes takes less than ten minutes from the time the numbing eye drops are given through the laser reshaping.

We take a great deal of time in explaining the risks and benefits to you during your pre-operative examination. Along with the explanation we go over what most patients anticipate...pain. Inevitably everyone describes only some discomfort or slight pressure to the eye. The procedure is performed after installation of a topical anesthetic, or eye drops, before Dr. Starkey begins. Often, we can give you a mild relaxing agent prior to surgery.

The cost of LASIK is a widely discussed topic. At NEOVision we want you to understand that your complete satisfaction and best corrected vision is our primary goal. We feel you should avoid gimmicks and the deep discounts where doctors are mostly interested in high turnover. Keep in mind, there is a direct relationship between quality and price. At NEO VisionGroup the price is very affordable and we offer low monthly payment plans. We will be happy to discuss all options with you at your free consultation. Call us at (330)753-7523 to schedule this appointment.

Are you a Candidate?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction is by calling our office and speaking with our LASIK coordinator who can answer your initial questions and schedule you for a free consultation to meet with Dr. Starkey.

When choosing a LASIK surgeon, please remember to make sure you are receiving the highest quality care possible. Dr. Jeffrey Starkey and his staff go above and beyond to make certain your needs are met.

You can be assured of the following:
  • Complete eye exam including dilation.
  • A refractive surgery team dedicated to achieving the best possible results.
  • Consultation with Dr. Starkey (a fellowship trained LASIK surgeon with state-of-the-art training) so he may answer any and all of your questions.
  • Corneal and anterior segment imaging using the most advanced analysis system available, Pentacam, allowing for better and more complete pre-operative refractive evaluations.
  • Test to look for dry eyes
  • Iris registration that compensates for eye movement to further improve treatment accuracy of astigmatism.
  • Pupil measurement to check for the risk of glare at night.
  • 3-D tracking technology available to follow your eye movement in all three dimensions if you cannot hold your eye still.
  • Blade-free, all laser LASIK for creating the flap using the WAVELIGHT FS200 FEMTOLASER Technology
  • Custom treatments using the WAVELIGHT EX500 EXIMER LASER Technology

Cost and Payment Options - LASIK and Cataract Surgery

Financial consideration alone should not be an obstacle to benefiting from the lifetime of advantages that your best possible vision can provide. There are several payment options. We will be happy to process all private insurance and Medicare claims for you. NEOVision also offers payment plans.

We offer low rate financing through a national credit company called Care Credit Please call us at (330)753-7523 if you need assistance with your application. You may visit the care credit web site directly at You may apply online and determine your finance options in advance. Keep in mind that 8 of 10 applicants are approved!

We also accept cash, personal checks, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Tax Deduction Benefit

Keep in mind that according to the Internal Revenue Service that LASIK may be a tax deductible benefit, because the procedure "meaningfully promotes the proper function of the body." Check with your accountant for further information.

Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)

If your employer offers a flex or cafeteria plan, you can put money away and use pre-tax dollars for your eye surgery procedure. Laser vision correction does qualify as a health-care related expense and since this money set aside isn't taxed, it can pay for more.

Personal Line of Credit and Home Equity Loans

This may be one of the least expensive options for financing laser vision correction. Using this option, the financial lender will lend you the money and use the equity in your home as collateral. You can use these funds to pay for your procedure. There may also be a tax advantage to this called the mortgage interest deduction. Inquire with your tax consultant and/or local bank for further information and direction.

Our staff is available to assist you with further questions.

The NEOVision Mission

Our board certified ophthalmologists,
optometrists, and support staff
are dedicated to protect,
preserve and enhance the
eyesight of our patients.
We use the latest equipment
and we continue to strive to