visioffice_standThe future in fitting todays high tech progressive lenses is 3-D computerized measurements. NEOVision Group is the first optical in Summit County to use the Visioffice system by Essilor. It customizes the lenses for people by

taking the frame, lens material and Rx and combining with a 3-D photo taken of the patient with the frame on. This very precise instrument allows us to fit more patients comfortably into modern progressive lenses.

The instrument also takes photos and videos of patients to aid them choosing their frame style. We can show side-by-side comparisons of different frames on patients to show them the different looks.

The advantage is we can successfully fit more patients in progressives and help them to choose their frame with one instrument.

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The NEOVision Mission

Our board certified ophthalmologists,
optometrists, and support staff
are dedicated to protect,
preserve and enhance the
eyesight of our patients.
We use the latest equipment
and we continue to strive to



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